Improving the energy efficiency of your home.

As fully licensed and insured energy efficiency grants specialists, we can offer our customers a wide range of services designed to increase the efficiency of your home's heating and insulation.

Due to CMC being an accredited installer for obligated energy suppliers under the ECO scheme, we can provide fully or partially funded energy efficiency grants that will fund measures designed to reduce your carbon emissions as well as reducing your heating bills.

We are proud to be part of this huge government initiative to help as many people as possible access the funding and improve living conditions for vulnerable households and those on low incomes.

So, what energy efficiency grants do we provide at CMC? We can carry out the following energy improving measures:

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CMC is an ECO Scheme approved boiler installation company and as such, we are highly experienced in helping eligible households access boiler grants and providing the subsequent installation.

We pride ourselves on our professional and friendly service and our knowledgeable team of heating experts will get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you receive certain state benefits and your gas boiler is broken, you could qualify for a brand-new energy efficient boiler, which will not only cut down on carbon emissions but reduce your heating bills as well.

For homes with broken/old oil boilers, the government has schemes in place to help with replacing oil boilers with energy efficient heating systems. Call us to find out more about oil boiler replacement.

To find out more about boiler grants, please visit our Boiler Replacement page. 


CMC can help with the installation of central heating systems for homes which have never had central heating. If your property has never had any mains connected heating installed, you could be eligible for a new boiler and radiators.

Unfortunately, there are still many families that are living in homes without proper heating, leading to illnesses caused by cold conditions. CMC are helping the government to ensure as many families as possible get access to first time central heating. 

To qualify for a first-time central heating grant, you must be in receipt of certain benefits. You can find out more by visiting our first time central heating page.

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As part of the government's ECO scheme, homeowners that rely on old, inefficient storage heaters could be eligible for a grant towards new, modern energy efficient storage heaters. By replacing your old heaters, you could reduce your heating bills by up to 30%.

CMC are accredited to install brand new storage heaters and we can help you access the best funded grants so that you can benefit from high heat retention electric storage heaters. 

To qualify for these grants, you have to meet certain criteria, such as receiving certain state benefits. To find out more, please visit our Storage Heater Replacement page.



Reduce the heat lost from your home by up to 25%

As well as upgraded heating systems, the government's ECO scheme also offers funding towards loft insulation for qualifying households.

Insulating your roof not only helps the environment, but it helps to keep your heat within your house - meaning you need to use less energy, resulting in reduced heating bills.

CMC are licensed to offer loft installations and we provide a professional and quick service. Our insulation experts will help you access the best grant and will ensure you receive the most effective install. 

You must meet certain criteria to be eligible for loft insulation grants and you can find out more by visiting our Home Insulation page.


Insulating your loft conversion

Did you know that the roof space is the largest area of heat loss in your home? Therefore, if you have a room within your loft, it could become inhabitable due to coldness, or it will need excess heat to keep it warm - increasing your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

CMC are fully accredited to offer this energy saving measure and we can help you ensure that your attic room is habitable 12 months of the year.

If you do have a room in your roof and you meet qualifying criteria, then you could be eligible for a room in roof insulation grant. For more information, please visit our Home Insulation page.



Improving both the efficiency and appearance of your property

For homes that have been constructed without a cavity, there can be a big problem from heat loss. Many of these types of houses are extremely cold and need extra amount of heating to keep them warm during colder weather.

CMC can help homeowners with solid walls gain access to government funding for insulation. This funding enables us to create insulation around your walls and then plaster over them - giving your exterior walls a clean and crisp finish, whilst creating a barrier against heat loss.

You will need to qualify for this solid wall insulation funding, and you can find out more about it on our Home Insulation page.



Reduce the heat lost from your home by up to 25%

CMC are specialists in cavity wall insulation, and we have been responsible for hundreds of homes becoming well-insulated, meaning reduced heat loss and reduced energy bills.

In fact, cavity wall insulation could save homeowners up to £275 per year and cut down dramatically on an individual property's carbon footprint.

Due to our vast experience, you can rest assured that you will receive a mess-free and fuss-free service and will be fully insulated in a day.

You will need to meet certain criteria to receive funding for this service. To find out more information about this, please visit our Home Insulation page.